Meet David M. Edwards, CRS

David Edwards - Balancetology 2

I am a proud individual living in the strength and serenity of long-term recovery.  My journey toward sobriety began in 2013, following 35 years of living as a high-functioning alcoholic. My past with other substances is part of my narrative, but it was alcohol that held the strongest grip on me.

Now, in my role as a recovery coach and interventionist, I leverage my decade-long sobriety and forty years of business acumen to assist male business owners and executives in finding a strength-based resolution to the pain and suffering that accompany active addiction.

I hold a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) designation from the International Recovery Institute as well as having been trained to use the ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention® Model in which I am currently completing my Internship as a Certified ARISE® Interventionist (CAI). I have completed the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy and am a Registered Peer Recovery Coach in the state of Maine..  Currently I am completing my Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation through iPEC with an emphasis on Executive Coaching .

Our collaboration will involve crafting a plan tailored to your unique circumstance that takes into account your family, personal and professional life.  You will set SMART goals and then work together with me as your advocate and mentor to achieve those goals and create a new life and a new happiness that you did not realize was possible.

I facilitate Transformation and Recovery through what I call GAMES – Guidance, Accountability, Mentorship, Education, and Spirituality.


Each day I strive to reach my full potential as a human being thru a process of CONTINUOUS LEARNING, SELF-DEVELOPMENT, and ACTION so that I have a positive and life-changing impact on the people I serve in both my personal and professional life.

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