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Our Beliefs

Recovery is for Everyone & Every Family

In our society, we are often advised to simply “just deal with it”, as life is not fair.  However, various obstacles such as fear, ego, dependency, and addiction often hinder us.  We believe that everyone has the opportunity to move past being stuck and transform their life into a life worth living, they just need to have the appropriate guidance, mentorship, and education.  This is where Recovery Coaching comes in.

Access Should be Convenient & Affordable

No matter your location, technology enables us to offer services to you and your family efficiently. By harnessing the power of technology, we can extend our services to a broader range of clients at affordable rates. Our goal is to ensure that the cost of assistance never becomes a barrier for you or your loved ones in accessing the help they require.

Blame, Shame and Guilt Need to be Abolished

It is time as a society that we remove the Blame, Shame and Guilt that is so often associated with Alcoholism and Addiction.  The American Medical Association (AMA) classified alcoholism as a disease in 1956 and included addiction as a disease in 1987. So let’s treat the disease and quit telling the person who is suffering to, Just Get Better, Use Your Willpower.  

What We Do For Our Clients

We focus on male business owners and executives.  We assisting families in participating in an intervention process with their loved ones, while also guiding them through the initial stages of recovery. The ultimate objective is to equip families with the necessary skills for effective and open communication, establishing healthy boundaries, and fostering stronger connections.

Our mission is to aid male business owners and executives in finding clarity in their life goals, enhancing their executive functioning skills, and bringing about meaningful transformations.  This is done by assessing our clients current situation, understanding their short and long term goals, identifying the hurdles in their path and crafting a plan to get them unstuck. 

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